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#3 Loja Street, Phase 7, Vista Verde Executive Village , Cainta, Rizal. 


In a quiet Village of Cainta lies a Balinese inspired Sanctuary. An Events Place that will surely make you experience extraordinary styling and ambiance. Every inch and details are wonderfully executed for better beautification and interpretation.

Our Brand

Introducing the four authentic points of difference for Loja Toraja.

Organic and Natural

One of the claims of Loja Toraja’s manifesto is to promote authentic and organic way of innovating nutriment and services also aiming to convey good and healthy food to offer. Each condiments and ingredients are obtained naturally that goods for one’s health.

International cuisine customized for the Filipino plate

Loja Toraja is also aiming to share the experience and unique taste of world class cuisines, keeping the authentic Filipino taste.

Totally Bespoke,

Utterly Client-Personalized Service

The Clients of Loja Toraja is the main foundation and source of motivation for the employees to deliver and execute great things for better customer satisfaction, inch by inch details are wonderfully crafted and created thru client’s desire.


World-Class Hospitality

Providing guaranteed quality and quantity assurance in terms of food and services. Considering client’s wants and needs, presuming the different perspective and demands. Client’s are always served with pleasure and cheerfulness.

Our Brand Promise

More than just providing excellent service and cuisines, Loja Toraja also love to share different journey of each people who work hard to make the business up and running. Showcasing an All-in-one Restaurant, Events place and Catering Services.

 An opportunity to provide an utterly satisfaction and an assurance of maintaining standard greatness to its finest to serve and full fill clients needing.


Be the go-to place for health-conscious eaters and an iconic catering company and events place in the metropolis.


Deliver a most exquisite dining and events experience by nurturing our clients with:

  • delectable organic and natural food,

  • international dishes customized for the Filipino palate,

  • a totally bespoke, utterly client-personalized service,

  • and world-class hospitality.

" Eat well. Live well "