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#3 Loja Street, Phase 7, Vista Verde Executive Village , Cainta, Rizal. 

Raymond and Polly's Wedding

Raymond and Polly’s Rustic Wedding Reception at Loja Toraja would make you want to start planning your dream wedding yourself! This party’s styling is breathtaking and a whole new world of excitement!

What we love about it

  • Everything in this beautiful set is styled to perfection!

  • Ahh that Cleopatra sofa setup for the Bride and Groom just nailed it!

  • Don’t you just love the sand and sea touch of the very detailed table setting which combines both rustic and charming?

  • And finally, who wouldn’t want to head on to that cute and chic dessert buffet table? Love is indeed sweet!


European with a Taste of Pinoy

Spinach De Loja Soup

Japanese seafoods with Buko Meat Soup

Lengua de Loja

Spanish Chicken Fish Roulade

Steamed Rice

Blueberry Cheese (dessert)

Mango Jubilee (dessert)

Seasoned fruits (fresh fruit juice)

Salad Bar

Paella Mixta

Baby Back Ribs

Beef Steak

Steamed Prawn