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#3 Loja Street, Phase 7, Vista Verde Executive Village , Cainta, Rizal. 


the chef

The Hands and Mind behind Loja Toraja

Ms. Luzvelinda “Chef Luth” Laguardia is the Executive Chef and Restaurateur of Loja Toraja. Having achieved a fine blend of basic knowledge and experience in preparing and cooking a wide variety of cuisine in different countries – whether it be appetizers, soups, entrees, main courses, sauces, desserts, and beverages, she is able to turn what was once a hobby to a business – which, for her, is a service to the Filipino. Her travel experiences and ardent love for cooking has significantly contributed to her wide perspective on food and even events styling.

Chef Luth’s relentless devotion required to succeed in her industry is exemplified in her excellently conducted events that her clientele can attest to and the trainings she underwent. Truly dedicated to what she does, she actually underwent formal education on cooking in Enderun and makes it a point to provide continuous, proper, and adequate training for her staff – who were victims of Typhoon Yolanda so they will be well-equipped with skills and principles to give the best and most exceptional service to their clients whom they consider as partners.

Chef Luth’s passion to help these people stand on their feet again and continue to recover. She finds fulfillment in seeing the work of her staff and crew does impact their growth, self-esteem, and disposition in life.

To her, this is so much more than a business — she believes that the Filipino deserves to be nourished with healthy yet delectable food, experience the world through tasting foreign cuisines, and have unforgettable memories through exceptional event experience  —  and she has made it her personal mission to deliver this to her clients. But the incredible bonus that exceeds her expectations is the truly intimate relationships and partnerships she has been able to foster with her clients directly.

A firm believer that it is important to facilitate trust between the company and the client, she is committed to keep the clients’ best interest at heart and to truly make a difference in their lives simply by helping their clients make the most unforgettable memories one fine dining and one event at a time. Her vision is to create Loja Toraja a place where people can enjoy a most exquisite experience of food and event — and truly, she is living that vision.