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#3 Loja Street, Phase 7, Vista Verde Executive Village , Cainta, Rizal. 



A year later after Super Typhoon Yolanda occur, the affected families were still brawling to recuperate from the catastrophe. Words were vanish to illustrate how exasperating it is for Yolanda victims to keep going. Meanwhile, Chef Luth - Executive Chef and Restaurateur of Loja Toraja - saw an opportunity to bestow livelihood for some of the victims of the Super Typhoon and grasp them in.

Chef Luth saw their potential and persist to believe in them - providing them proper, constant and adequate training to keep them grow and well equipped to serve and assist Loja Toraja's  clients. Chef Luth herself is a firm believer that there is a plenty potential in these people, though they're lack of formal and social education, they are equipped with hard work, perseverance, productivity and humble attitude towards work and people they work with.